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Max Ikäheimo

Have you ever wondered; what is Jamstack? Is it a stack of jam — or something more?

Wonder no more! We at Ikius and Agility CMS have put together an extensive guide about Jamstack for beginners, available for free here.

Learn Jamstack

Start learning the basics of Jamstack and it’s benefits from our beginner friendly but extensive guide. At Ikius we’ve always been passionate about teaching the new ways of web development to make the web better for everyone.

Ikius writing

So what’s in this Jamstack eBook?

The eBook contains everything you need to start learning the principles of what, why and how of Jamstack.

Max Ikäheimo

Max Ikäheimo is the founder and CEO of Ikius. Max founded Ikius when he saw he could help companies to build faster and more accessible websites for everyone.

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